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p. 339-357

Alma Durán-Merk and Stephan Merk*

I declare this to be my last will: Teobert Maler’s testament and its execution

Abstract: Previously unknown, the notarial will of the Maya researcher Teobert Maler and its corresponding testamentary are examined here. These legal documents provide information about Maler’s material legacy, its inventory and appraisal, the inheritors and other parties involved in this bequeathal, as well as how Maler’s may have ended up in some archives and private collections after his death in 1917.

Resumen: Este artículo analiza detalladamente el hasta ahora desconocido testamento de Teobert Maler y el cómo se desarrolló el juicio testamentario relacionado con el mismo. Examina el inventario, la evaluación y distribu¬ción del legado de este explorador del área Maya.

*Alma Durán-Merk holds an MA in European Ethnology from the University of Augsburg, Germany, where she has been teaching since 2007. Author of the book “Villa Carlota: colonias alemanas en Yucatán” (Mérida: ICY/CONACULTA, 2009), she is currently completing her doctoral dissertation about the German immigrant community in Yucatán.

Stephan Merk is a journalist and long time collaborator of the scientific journal “mexicon”. His book “The long silence: Sabana Piletas and its neighbors – an architectural survey of Maya ruins in northeastern Campeche, Mexico” was published by Saurwein in Germany in 2010.

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