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p. 291-313

Péter Bíró*

Piedras Negras Panel 3: Some thoughts on spoken words

Abstract: In this article I present one possible reading of the spoken texts on Piedras Negras Panel 3. I suggest that these record a conversation between the young lords arriving from Yaxchilan and the Piedras Negras ruler about the banquet which was organized by an ancestor from Yaxchilan. Also, I propose that the BAT.T528 sign was read as ch’u in the Late Classic period which is productive in various contexts.

Resumen: En este artículo presento una lectura posible de los varios textos de discurso directo en Tablero 3 de Piedras Negras. Propongo que es una conversación entre los príncipes de Yaxchilan y el gobernante de Piedras Negras sobre la banqueta que fue organizada de un antepasado de Yaxchilan. También propongo que la lectura del signo MURCIELAGO.T528 era ch’u en el Clásico Tardío que es productivo en varios contextos.

*Péter Bíró was born in Hungary and studied history at the University of Szeged and at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (Estudios Mesoamericanos). He obtained his PhD in archaeology from the University of La Trobe, Melbourne, Australia. He investigates ancient Maya writing and art and has published various articles on the history of Classic Maya civilization. He is currently a researcher in the Department of Anthropology of the Americas (Abteilung für Altamerikanistik) at Bonn University, Germany.

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