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The photograph shows a cover of the Indiana journal.

ISSN: 0341-8642

The journal INDIANA - Estudios Antropológicos sobre América Latina y el Caribe/Estudos Antropológicos sobre América Latina e o Caribe/Anthropological Studies on Latin America and the Caribbean/Anthropologische Studien zu Lateinamerika und der Karibik was founded in 1973 as a forum for research on multiethnic, indigenous, and Afro-American societies and cultures in Latin America, both contemporary and historical. It publishes original contributions from all areas within the study of the Americas, including archaeology, ethnohistory, sociocultural anthropology and linguistic anthropology. Each volume is composed of various articles, a themed dossier, and thematic essays. Manuscripts are accepted for consideration in Spanish, English, Portuguese and German and each article is subject to anonymous peer review.
The journal INDIANA is indexed in Redalyc, Latindex-Catálogo y Hapi – among others. It is published twice a year in print form and online with free and open access.

All contributions published in INDIANA can be downloaded for free as PDFs from the journal's website (Open Access).

Information for authors: here.

PDF brochure for download

Further information:INDIANA – editorial board
Price per issue:€32.50

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