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Research Colloquium

In order to promote the IAI's networking with national and international research institutions and strengthen academic exchange across disciplinary boundaries, the IAI holds a research colloquium about every two weeks. During the colloquium, visiting scholars and members of the Institute's staff present their research projects for discussion, exchange ideas and discuss epistemological and methodological issues. The presentations and discussions are usually held in Spanish, and occasionally in English or Portuguese. Interested researchers are welcome to attend the colloquium, to be held in the IAI's conference room on the first floor of the building.

Our research colloquium currently takes place in virtual form. More information: birle(at)iai.spk-berlin.de.

13.1.2022, 17.00 h (UTC+01, Berlin): Werther Gonzales León (Friedrich Schiller-Universität Jena): Fiesta  y buen vivir. La experiencia estética de la naturaleza en la cultura andina

20.1.2022, 17.00 h (UTC+01, Berlin): Víctor Hugo Ramos Arcos (UniversidadNacional Autónoma de México): From rituals to formal education. Changeand continuity  in the practices of knowledge among two Amerindiancommunities in Mexico

3.2.2022, 17.00 h (UTC+01, Berlin): Paula Kupfer (University of Pittsburgh, PA, USA): Landscapes of Intervention: Photography, Ecology, and Enslavement in Imperial Brazil



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