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Peter Altekrüger

Peter Altekrüger

Latin American Studies/ History


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1. Research Interests

  • Politics and political parties in Paraguay
  • Twentieth-century Paraguayan history
  • The World of Books in Latin America
  • Library acquisition issues


2. Current Projects

Research Projects

The World of Books in Latin America

This project is a joint undertaking by the researchlibrarians of the Ibero-American Institute (IAI). Its goal is to create a reference work on the history of books and libraries in Latin America.

The Longevity of the Stroessner Regime in the Context of Dictatorship and Development

The Stroessner regime (1954-1989) was one of the longest dictatorships in the twentieth century. This study focuses on theinternal mechanisms of power preservation and regime change, viewed as a means to adapt to changingconditions.

Cultural Magazines of Latin America

In this acquisition and digitalization project, the IAI plans to acquire around 14,000 individual issues of Latin American cultural magazines from the late nineteenth to the early twentieth centuries. As regards the acquisition of cultural magazines within the scope of the application, the institute selected countries from which it already held individual titles, most often in incomplete sets. A second criterion was that issues of these magazines had to be currently offered for sale, either in digital form, on microfilm or on paper.In the relevant secondary literature the genre is not clearly distinguished from other periodical formats. In terms of content, cultural magazines focus on a great variety of topics. This diversity points to a broad concept of culture which in addition to the disciplines in the humanities that are oriented toward cultural studies also explicitly includes the natural sciences. This interdisciplinary approach is perhaps the most important feature of the cultural magazines published between 1880 and 1930.The selected countries—Argentina, Chile, Cuba, Ecuador, Peru and Puerto Rico—reflect concrete demand from researchers and also form a balanced geographical cross-section of the IAI’s collection area. As permitted by law, the institute will digitize the periodicals using the Goobi workflow system and make them available through the relevant library reference tools

Library Projects

Argentine Popular Culture: Theater and Literary Periodicals of the Early Twentieth Century

Between 1910 and 1940 there were a large number of journals in Argentina that published entire plays and novels in each issue. Categorized as“literatura popular,” they were only rarely collected by libraries at the time and have previously been unavailable to scholarship. Due to the poor paper quality, these journals are now threatened by decay. More than6,500 issues of over 200 periodicals have been collected thus far. The project's goal is to complete, catalog and digitize the collection.

Chaco War Collection

The Chaco War between Bolivia and Paraguay (1932-1935) is a research topic that has so far attracted little attention, not least due to insufficient research material. TheIAI intends to continue to expand itsextensive Bolivian and Paraguayan holdings on this subject and to make as much available in digital form as possible. The collection is divided into three categories: the territorial conflicts between Bolivia and Paraguay leading up to the outbreak of hostilities, the Chaco War period, and the subsequent international peace process.


3. Publications

Monographs and Editions

  • Ganoven, Gauchos und Gesänge.

    Die Biblioteca criolla: Eine Geschichte des Sammelns und Forschens. Berlin 2015 (co-edited with Katja Carrillo Zeiter)

  • Von Liebe, Mord und Alltag

    Die Sammlung argentinischer Theater- und Romanzeitschriften des Ibero-Amerikanischen Instituts. Berlin 2014 (co-edited with Katja Carillo Zeiter)


4. Reports and Evaluations

Consulting for the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG, German Research Foundation)

Assessments of DFG library and publication projects


5. Committees and Professional Associations


  • Since 2010: member of the Ausschuss für Wissenschaftliche Bibliotheken und Informationssysteme, AWBI (Committee for Academic Libraries and Information Systems) of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (German Research Foundation)
  • Since 2009: member of the network direction of the Gemeinsamer Bibliotheksverbund, GBV (Common Library Network) as a representative of the specialized libraries
  • Since 2006: member of the Subcommittee for National Document Supply in the Scientific Library Services and Information Systems Department of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (German Research Foundation)
  • 2006-2009: member of the experts' group on acquisitions and collections development at the Deutsche Bibliotheksverband (German Library Association)
  • 2003-2006: board member of REDIAL (Red Europea de Información y Documentación sobre América Latina)

Professional Associations

  • VdB – Verein deutscher Bibliothekare (Association of German Librarians)
  • SALALM - Seminar on the Acquisition of Latin American Library Materials


6. Curriculum Vitae

Since 2000

Library director and deputy director of theIbero-American Institute

1997 - 1999

Library services director at the Ibero-American Institute

1996 - 1997

Research associate at the library of the Ibero-American Institute, deputy director of library services

1993 - 1995

Training program for senior-level library service at the Ibero-American Institute and the Cologne University of Applied Sciences

1990 - 1993

Library services/ audio library employee at the Ibero-American Institute

1986 - 1987

Studied for two semesters at the University of Havana, Cuba, with a concentration in Latin American history and Spanish

1984 - 1989

Master's program in Latin American studies, history and contemporary history at Rostock University


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