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ISSN: 1577-3388

IBEROAMERICANA: AMÉRICA LATINA – ESPAÑA – PORTUGAL is an interdisciplinary journal for literary studies, history and the social sciences. It is jointly published by the Ibero-American Institute (Berlin), the GIGA Institute for Latin American Studies (Hamburg) and the Iberoamericana/Vervuert publishing house (Madrid/Frankfurt am Main).

IBEROAMERICANA appears in three deliveries each year (in the months of March, July and November) and features the following four sections:

  • Dossier, in which a specific topic is examined from an interdisciplinary perspective;

  • Artículos y ensayos, presenting articles by acclaimed experts;

  • Foro de debate, featuring current analyses, interviews and news briefs;

  • Notas: Reseñas iberoamericanas, presenting reviews of recent publications

Open access: Simultaneously with the print edition, Iberoamericana provides free full-text access to all contributions. An electronic archive of all contributions published since 2001 is also available through this website.

Iberoamericana uses the open-source software Open Journal Systems (OJS) to management and publishing support. All submissions should be sent through the online submission system. For detailed information on the process, please click here.

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