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Documents, reports and analyses from the Ibero-American Institute Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation

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ISSN: 1123-43343

IBERO-ANALYSEN is mainly directed at decision makers from politics, business and the arts. It takes up thematic and country-related issues and provides information on the politics, economy, society and culture of Ibero-American countries. While this information is topical in nature, it goes beyond the scope of daily politics. IBERO-ANALYSEN is a forum in which recognized experts present orientational knowledge in a generally comprehensible manner, stimulating and supporting the intercultural dialog between Germany and the Ibero-American region.
The Ibero-American Institute (IAI) is committed to presenting diverse views in its publications. However, these views are generally those of the authors and are not necessarily held by the IAI. IBERO-ANALYSEN is intended for personal use. Material may be reprinted only with the prior approval of the IAI and with a full citation identifying the source.

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