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92. Paraguay 1515-1870. A Thematic Geography of its Development.

Kleinpenning, Jan M.G.
Madrid: Iberoamericana / Frankfurt am Main: Vervuert 2003, 1820 S. Two Vols.
ISBN 3-89354-592-1 (Vervuert)
ISBN: 84-8489-099-6 (Iberoamericana)

This two-part study presents a systematic and detailed overview of the settlement pattern, the use of labour, the acquisition of land, arable farming, livestock ranching, yerba gathering, craft industries and various other economic activities, as well as of the size and composition of the population of Paraguay in the period from the beginning of the sixteenth century until 1870. Considerable attention is paid in the treatment of the various subjects to the dynamics which were at work during this long period. This thematically structured historical geography not only summarises nearly all the relevant literature, but also brings together all the available statistical material for the period up to 1870.
Numerous maps and figures support the text. The extensive bibliography offers the possibility for further study. As such, the book is the most comprehensive study of the Spanish colony and of the young independent nation of Paraguay up to the War of the Triple Alliance. Its exhaustive indexes help to make this book on Paraguay a first class reference work.

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