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110. ArabAmericas. Literary Entanglements of the American Hemisphere and the Arab World.

Ette, Ottmar / Pannewick, Friederike (eds.)
Frankfurt am Main: Vervuert 2006, 288 pp.
ISBN: 3-86527-289-4 (Vervuert)
ISBN: 84-8489-268-9 (Iberoamericana)

Looking beyond the categories of fixed identities and transcending the concept of nations as patches-together collectives, this volume focuses on North and South American literatures that have no fixed abode and will seek alternatives amidst transregionally constitutes cultures. The authors are interested in transitions,overlaps and movement-elements of cultural mobility that are highly relevant for the emerging literatures of the world. For research purposes the various contributors will view the "norm" - i.e. classifiable, uniform and standardized literary works - as the exception. Categories such as "national literature" or "world literature" are only effective to a limited degree and in specific contexts. Our aim is to search for adequate intellectual categories, the "in between" and the crossovers of national and world literature.The goal is not to illustrate and analyze (i.e. dissect) the multiple elements of ArabAmerican literatures (Arabic, Anglo, Hispano, Luso and Francophone), but rather to concentrate on the (added) value of what is often looked down upon as a hodgepodge.

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