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The photograph shows the cover of a new IAI publication.

The Ibero-American Institute (IAI) publishes a diverse range of books and journals in German, Spanish, Portuguese and English. These publications draw on a variety of sources: the institute's research activities, conferences and symposia; its cooperative projects with research institutes in Germany and abroad; and the outstanding work of individual scholars (download the inventory of publications 2020-2022 in spanish).

The IAI promotes the concept of Open Access and makes available via the Internet as many of its publications as possible in full text. This is realized with our Institutional Repository.

The Bibliotheca Ibero-Americana and Biblioteca Luso-Brasileira series feature monographs and collections on the literature, language, history, economies and politics of Latin America, Spain and Portugal. The monographs and essay collections in the Estudios Indiana series (previously called "Indiana Beihefte") present the results of research into the indigenous and multiethnic societies and cultures of Latin America and the Caribbean, both past and present.

In addition to these series, the IAI publishes monographs and collections in cooperation with national and international partners.

The journal Iberoamericana: América Latina – España – Portugal is devoted to literary, historical and social topics. Indiana presents research on the indigenous populations of South America and Mesoamerica, while the Revista Internacional de Lingüística Iberoamericana contains studies on Ibero-American languages.

The IAI's research, cultural and library work come together in three online publication series. Ibero-Analysen provides decision makers with information on politics, economics, society and culture. Ibero-Bibliographien contains bibliographies on the IAI's research and collection focuses. Ibero-Online is a forum for lectures and symposia that have taken place at the IAI.

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