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A Glimpse at Our Work

This page provides a glimpse of the different fields of work at the Ibero-American Institute (IAI). This quarter we would like to introduce:

Spanish popular literature
The Ibero-Amerikanisches Institut (Ibero-American Institute) acquires the spectacular private collection of Fernando Eguidazu

After searching intensively for more than 30 years, the Spanish collector Fernando Eguidazu has compiled a unique collection of Spanish popular books and story magazines from the period between 1850 and 1990 consisting of almost 50,000 items. In 2018, the IAI was able to acquire these. In the meantime, the 404 packing cases have been unpacked and the processing and indexing has begun. Publications which were previously not available for research have now become accessible.

The collection includes the first Spanish crime novels, adventure stories and historical popular novels, but also astonishing publications on the topics of love, pirates, horror, science fiction, fantasy, the Wild West, sport and espionage. There are few topics not covered in the popular Spanish novel. In addition, there are numerous Spanish translations of authors from other countries, such as Jules Verne, Emilio Salgari, Edgar Wallace or Karl May.

The Argentinian part of the collection, which contains such rare titles as "Narraciones Terrorificas", "Hombres Audaces" or "La Novela Deportiva" in full, is of particular importance and is not to be found in any other library.
The collection will provide research topics for decades and will bring a sparkle to many eyes. It is already available for use on request.

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