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Digitization on demand

What can be digitized?

The Fachinformationsdienst Lateinamerika, Karibik und Latino Studies (FID, Specialized Information Service Latin America, Caribbean and Latino Studies) offers a free digitization service of materials from the library and special collections of the Ibero-Amerikanisches Institut (IAI, Ibero-American Institute). Digitization of large formats cannot be provided. Digitization of certain materials may also be banned for preservation reasons.

Per order, up to 30 pages of copyright-free materials (publication before 1930) and up to 10% (max. of 30 pages) of copyright materials (publication after 1930) can be scanned and made available for private or scientific use.

Articles from journals can only be provided via interlibrary loan or the paid document delivery service Subito.

In what format is the electronic copy provided?

The electronic copy of the requested material is delivered as a multipage PDF document. The original will be scanned at a resolution of 400 dpi, in grayscale. If you need a different format or resolution, or the document in color, please enter your request in the field "further comments/ format request" in the form.

What is the average processing time?

Requests are processed on a first-come, first-served basis and generally take 5 business days for materials from the Library and 10 days for materials from the Special Collections. If there are any delays, we will contact you by email to discuss how to proceed.

How can I make a digitization request?

Please use this form to request digitization of library materials.

Electronic copies of materials from the IAI's Special Collections can be ordered via e-mail with the respective departments. In individual cases, it may be necessary to make specific usage agreements for legal reasons:

Papers and Manuscripts: colecciones@iai.spk-berlin.de 

Collections from Corporate Bodies: colecciones@iai.spk-berlin.de 

Image Archive: colecciones@iai.spk-berlin.de

Art Prints and Illustrations Archive: colecciones@iai.spk-berlin.de

Poster Collection: colecciones@iai.spk-berlin.de 

Map Collection: colecciones@iai.spk-berlin.de

Newspaper Clippings Collection: colecciones@iai.spk-berlin.de 

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