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Sebastian Münster: "Die Neuwen Inseln". CC NC-BY-SA"Die Neuwen Inseln".

The Ibero-American Institute (IAI) has been collecting maps of Ibero-America, the Iberian Peninsula and its former colonies since 1957. The collection contains originals and facsimiles of topographical maps, city maps, roadmaps, historical maps and thematic maps (e.g. geology, highway systems, land use, settlement studies, languages, borders, botany). Current holdings comprise approx. 71.280 printed maps, of which 6.650 were produced between 1851 and 1945 and 307 before 1850. The collection furthermore includes 80 hand drawings, 1.436 atlases, 30 CD-ROMs and 14 DVDs.
Maps and atlases are listed in a separate catalog in the map reading room. This catalog is structured geographically and by subject and scale. Mapmakers, engravers and printers are listed alphabetically. All maps acquired 1997 or later are additionally indexed in the IAI's online catalog, as are the atlases. In a project funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (German Research Foundation) the valuable historical maps pre-1850 and significant facsimile editions from the period 1525 to 1850 have been cataloged. The information and the digitalized images are accessible in the online catalog.


Folding maps and smaller atlases (no larger than format "4°") may be borrowed if they are in adequate condition. Other maps and atlases may only be used in the library. We permit some copies of maps to be made under the supervision of a library staff member. Copies are subject to a fee and an appointment is recommended.

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