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The Library of the Ibero-American Institute (IAI) comprises the Media Department, the Library Services Department and the Digital Library Department.

Media Department

With the adoption of the PICA system in early 2005, the Media Department was restructured. There are currently seven working groups. The first working group performs central tasks, and working groups two to six are responsible for individual countries and regions. These regional working groups employ an integrated process to acquire and catalog print media, databases and audiovisual media. Working in regional groups offers a number of advantages: staff can acquire both general knowledge of a specific region and a more detailed understanding of a regional book market. They are also able to strengthen ties to book dealers.

Another working group was set up in 2006 to preserve holdings.

During certain time slots the staff of the Media Department rotate to the reference and circulation desks in the Library Services Department.

Library Services Department

The Library Services Department is divided into the working groups Reference, Circulation and Closed Stacks, and is responsible for the services offered to our users in and outside of the IAI.

Digital Library Department

The Digital Library Department comprises four working groups. The group Presentation and Development deals with all the questions related to the public accessibility of digital information (catalog, digital library, Virtual Library cibera) and the presentation of the IAI on the Internet. The group Information Technology maintains and develops the IT infrastructure of the IAI. The production of digital information takes place in the group Digitalization. The working group Interlibrary Loan and Document Delivery Service handles the national and international interlibrary loan of media in analogue and digital form.

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