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Catalogs and Databases

  • OPAC www.iaicat.de

    The holdings of the Ibero-American Institute (IAI), including electronic media, books, periodicals, microforms and essays, are listed in the online catalog. The catalog also includes some materials from Special Collections (audio media, films, maps) and the Papers & Manuscripts collection.

  • Data Bases

    The IAI offers you remote access to more than 40 databases. Some of the databases allow free access, but others need a log-in with your user ID from the Library.

  • Online Contents Special Collection Fields Ibero-America, Spain and Portugal(OLC-SSG)

    Approximately 1,400 journals from the IAI starting from the year of publication 2007 are evaluated and the articles published in them are registered in this database. Gradually, previous years of these journals are being cataloged. Subject areas include humanities, social sciences, history, belles-lettres, economics and jurisprudence, as well as the geological, agricultural and environmental sciences.This database is available only in the reading room of the IAI.

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