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Research Internships

Required internships and sponsored internships (internship categories) are possible in the Research and Publications Department. Unfortunately, it is no longer possible to realize voluntary internships. Interested parties should have a good command of German and of Spanish or Portuguese and have completed at least two years of university study.

As part of the internship, interns are shown the diverse aspects of research and publication work at the Ibero-American Institute (IAI):

  • Organizing and holding academic events
  • Organizing and implementing research projects
  • Editing and laying out text for the IAI's publications
  • Translating academic texts
  • Subject and literature research in connection with the IAI's research projects and academic events
  • Organizing and holding editorial conferences for the institute's publications
  • Participating in the IAI's academic colloquium

Interns may also research and study subjects of their own choosing.

Interested parties should contact:

Dr. Peter Birle
Leiter der Forschungsabteilung
Ibero-Amerikanisches Institut
Potsdamer Str. 37
D-10785 Berlin
Tel: +49 30 266 45 3000

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