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Ibero-Amerikanisches Institut
Preussischer Kulturbesitz

Visitors before library computers

Library Internships

Required internships, voluntary internships and sponsored internships (internship categories) are all possible in the library of the Ibero-American Institute (IAI).

Depending on the length of the internship, interns rotate through the different sections of the library such as acquisitions, cataloging, circulation, reference and interlibrary loans. University graduates and students of library science may also do managerial and special subject internships. After prior consultation with staff, interns may select a focus (e.g. a country or media category) that reflects their personal interests.

Longer internships may combine the main library and Special Collections.

Interested parties should contact:

Dr. Ulrike Mühlschlegel
Ibero-Amerikanisches Institut
Bibliothek / Referat Benutzung
Potsdamer Str. 37
D-10785 Berlin
Tel.: +49 30 266 45 2200

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