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Internships in Special Collections

Required internships and voluntary internships (internship categories) are possible in the Special Collections Department.

As part of the internship, interns are first introduced to the department's different sections: the Papers and Manuscripts collection, audio library, film collection, maps, posters, news clippings, image archive, slide archive and art collection. Then, in consultations with staff, interns choose one of the above-mentioned fields to focus on.

Focuses range from library science (cataloging special materials) and archival systems (cataloging papers/manuscripts and photographic material) to research support (answering questions about holdings), research proper (e.g. content-related work on papers/manuscripts) and event management (exhibitions of the department's collections).

Sample projects:

  • Preserving and cataloging the "Argentinisches Tageblatt" archive
  • Sorting, classifying and preserving photographic material in the Quesada Papers
  • Cataloging the newspaper clippings of the Institut für Internationale Politik und Wissenschaft (Institute for International Politics and Science) and the Deutsches Institut für Zeitgeschichte (German Institute of Contemporary History)
  • Viewing videos and creating a short-title video catalog
  • Inventorying coins and medals

Interested parties should contact:

Dr. Gregor Wolff
Ibero-Amerikanisches Institut
Referat Nachlässe und Sondersammlungen
Potsdamer Str. 37
D-10785 Berlin
Tel.: +49 30 266 45 3100

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