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The New Character of Academic Dependency

Fernanda Beigel


The question of "intellectual" dependence is one of the oldest concerns of Latin American thought. Prof. Dr. Fernanda Beigel (Universidad Nacional de Cuyo, Mendoza) will argue that the concept of "academic colonialism" does not describe correctly the current situation of peripheral fields. If academic dependency exists it is necessary to analyze it as a "concrete situation" being its background the relational approach of Latin American historical-structural tradition. Fernanda Beigel will develop a focus aimed to observe the production of knowledge in the periphery from the perspective of the articulation of the concepts of "field" and "circuit". She will also examine the impact of "mainstream" standards of the publishing system in the styles of production of peripheral scientists in order to show the conflictive co-existence of two major orientations/principles of legitimation: international versus local.

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Termin und Ort

Mittwoch, 13.12.2017
18.00 Uhr


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