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Historical photo of textile machine

Dr. Maximiliano von Thüngen

Dr. Maximiliano von Thüngen

History and Social Anthropology




+49 30 266 35 1550



1. Research Interests

  • Politics of Memory
  • Processes of Heritage-Making
  • International Tourism and Development in Latin America


2. Publications

Monographs and Editions

  • Hilar la vida. Retratos, palabras y espacios del noroeste argentino (Text und Interviews: Maximiliano von Thüngen, Photographien: Malte von Thüngen). Buenos Aires: Ediciones Cuarta Prosa, 2023.

  • Ruinas jesuíticas, paisajes de la memoria. El patrimonio cultural de los antiguos pueblos de guaraníes. Buenos Aires: SB Verlag, 2021.

Articles and contributions in books

  • Uses and Meanings of the Jesuit Missions of Paraguay. In: Cristóbal Gnecco (Hrsg.) Heritage and its Missions. Fordham University Press (in Press).

  • Historical Revisionism, Nation, and Representations of the Past in Contemporary Argentina, in: H-Soz-Kult, 15.09.2021, .


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