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Ibero-Amerikanisches Institut
Preussischer Kulturbesitz

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Dr. Clara Ruvituso

Dr. Clara Ruvituso

Sociology and Political Science


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1. Research Interests

  • Circulation of knowledge and inequalities
  • (Under)development theories/ Southern Theories
  • Area Studies/Latin American Studies
  • Latin American Philosophy/ history of ideas
  • University and intellectuals in Latin America


2. Current Projects

From South to North: The Circulation of Latin American Dependency Theories in Germany and France

Sociological research into the transregional north-south circulation of knowledge in the social sciences and humanities has tended to have a unidirectional bias to date. The standard assumption is that as a result of globalization, theories and methods are spread from the global north to the global south. Based on this premise, many of the studies of circulation focus on the transfer of knowledge in terms of ideas, traditions, authors, and concepts from the north to the south. Thus far, little attention has been paid to a central issue in this debate, namely that there is a lack of studies devoted to the transregional circulation of theoretical approaches (Southern Theories) from the south to the north and their influence on the transformation of the European social sciences and Area Studies. My project addresses precisely this gap, analysing the circulation of knowledge from the south to the north, using the example of the circulation of Latin American dependency theories in (West) Germany and France. Focusing on this little-explored orientation regarding the circulation of ideas, the present research project breaks with the narrow approach of present research into transregional circulation of knowledge. The focus is on the political sciences, political economy and sociology within Latin American Studies and development research, fields that have dealt intensively with problems of development and underdevelopment, poverty, marginality, violence and dependency from the late 1960s until today. The circulation of the dependency theories is examined through processes of translation, application, transformation, and rejection, taking into account the respective socio-political contexts. The entangled inequalities of knowledge circulation between the north and the south are analysed, and the question of whether asymmetries are produced or reproduced in this process or whether a transformation of these structures has taken place is discussed.


3. Publications

Monographs and Editions

Articles and contributions in books


4. Teaching

Desigualdades interdependientes: La dimensión de la circulación del conocimiento

FU Berlin (2020)

De la dependencia al decolonialismo: Teoría social latinoamericana en perspectiva global

FU Berlin (2019/2020)

Interdisziplinäre Lateinamerikaforschung

FU Berlin (2019/2020)

Entwicklung und Unterentwicklung aus lateinamerikanischer Perspektive

University of Rostock (2017/2018)

Erinnerungskultur und Politik in Deutschland und Argentinien

University of Rostock (2017/2018)

Die politischen Systeme Brasiliens und Argentiniens im Vergleich

University of Rostock (2015)

Neues politisches Denken in Lateinamerika: Kontexte und Wirkungen

University of Rostock (2015)

Linksregierungen in Lateinamerika: Wandel und Perspektiven

University of Rostock (2015/2015)

Intellektuelle und Politik in Lateinamerika

University of Rostock (2014/2015)

Brasilien heute: Aufstieg und Herausforderungen

University of Rostock (2014)

Das politische Denken Lateinamerikas: Zwischen Modernität und Identität

University of Rostock (2014)

Einführung in Lateinamerika: Politik - Gesellschaft - Kultur

University of Rostock (2013/2014)

Zirkulation von Wissen: Theorien und Beispiele aus den Geisteswissenschaften

University of Rostock (2012/2013)

Repensando la circulación internacional de ideas: Del Sur al Norte Global

University of La Plata (Argentina), March 2018

Circulación de ideas y recepción alemana en la constitución del campo filosófico en Argentina: Debates conceptuales y estudios de caso

University of La Plata (Argentina) March 2017

Los estudios filosóficos argentinos: constitución, debates y rupturas entre la Reforma Universitaria y el Primer Peronismo (1918-1955)

University of La Plata (Argentina) March 2015


5. Reports and Evaluations

2020 External evaluator, candidates for ‘chaires des professeurs invitées–IHEAL’, Paris 3 Sorbonne Nouvelle

2019 External examiner, Master thesis, IHEAL Paris 3 Sorbonne Nouvelle

2018 External evaluator/Member of the Jury for Master Thesis Prize, ALUMNI-Verein Rostocker Politikwissenschaft e. V., University of Rostock

2017 External evaluator, call for postgraduate courses at Quilmes University (Argentina)

2013-2023 evaluator Master and Bachelor Thesis, University of Rostock and FU Berlin


6. Committees and Professional Associations


Professional Associations

  • Member of the Latin American Studies Association (LASA)
  • Member of the Section Sociology of Knowledge (German Sociological Society DGS)
  • Member of Red de Científicos Argentinos en Alemania (RCAA)
  • Member of the International Sociological Association ISA


7. Curriculum Vitae

Since 08/2020

Postdoc-Researcher - Maria Sibylla Merian Centre Conviviality-Inequality in Latin America (Mecila)- Ibero-Amerikanisches Institut (IAI)- Stiftung Preußischer Kulturbesitz


Fellowship, German Literature Archive Marbach


Visiting Professor

Institute des Hautes Études de L’Amérique Latine (IHEAL)Université Sorbonne Nouvelle, Paris 3


Assistant professor (Sociology)

Institute for Latin American Studies (LAI), Free University Berlin

Research Subject: “From the north to the south: The circulation of Latin American theories of development in Europe”


Postdoc Fellow, Fritz Thyssen Foundation

Institute for Latin American Studies (LAI), Free University Berlin

Project: “Transregional knowledge circulation from south to north: The reception of dependency theories in the Federal Republic of Germany”


Joachim-Jungius-Award (best Dissertation), University of Rostock


Co-Coordination of the PhD Program “Interdisciplinary socio-cultural Studies Europe - Latin America” University of Rostock - University of La Plata, financed by the German-Argentine University Centre


Assistant professor, Institute of Political Science and Administration, University of Rostock, Germany

Comparative research and lecture on the history of ideas and politics in Latin America and Europe

(maternity leave from 07/2015 to 09/2017)


PhD in Political Science (grade: summa cum laude)University of Rostock, Germany

Dissertation Title: “Los filósofos y el primer peronismo (1946-1955). Crisis, identidad y existencialismo en la filosofía argentina im Gespräch con el mundo alemán”


Associated Member

German Research Foundation (DFG) Graduate School “Cultural Encounters and the Discourses of Scholarship” University of Rostock, Germany


Full PhD Scholarship, German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)


Assistant and Secretary at the "Observatory of Higher Education and University Policies", University of San Martín, Argentina

Research, translation and administrative tasks

04/ 2020

Received Sociology Degree. Subject of thesis: “University policy and academic field: A study focused on the trajectory of the area of philosophy of the Faculty of Humanities and Educational Science at the National University of La Plata (1920-1946)”Best mark (10)


Studied Sociology at the Facultad de Humanidades y Ciencias de la Educación, Universidad Nacional de La Plata, Argentina

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