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Guest Researchers

Each year numerous guest scholars conduct research at the Ibero-American Institute (IAI), supported by grants from the Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst (DAAD, German Academic Exchange Service), the Alexander von Humboldt-Stiftung (AvH, Alexander von Humboldt Foundation), and other national and international foundations. One of the IAI's goals is to initiate dialog and academic exchange with researchers from national and international universities and non-university research centers. In this way, the IAI hopes to encourage "research with" instead of "research about" other societies, cultures and socio-cultural spheres.

Since the IAI lacks the financial and human resources to cover all the fields and facets of its research program, it takes a great interest in the ongoing exchange with guest researchers. As a service provider for the international academic community, the IAI makes its infrastructure and extensive bibliographic material as well as its special collections available to guest researchers. It also offers both the support of its librarians and the cooperation and assistance of its own research staff. The IAI invites guest researchers to take part in internal academic colloquia.

If you are interested in a research stay at the IAI and need a formal invitation as a guest researcher, please send us a cv (no more than 5 pages) and a detailed description of the project (definition of the topic as well as the central questions of the investigation; methodical procedure; current status of the project; justification for the necessity of carrying out research at the IAI; bibliography). We will make every effort to process your request as quickly as possible. However, when submitting your documents, please bear in mind that processing your request may take up to three weeks.

If you are interested in a stay as a guest researcher, please send the required documents, indicating the planned period of your stay, by e-mail to:

Dr Peter Birle / Dr. Friedhelm Schmidt-Welle
Referat Forschung und Publikationen
Ibero-Amerikanisches Institut PK
E-mail: estadias@iai.spk-berlin.de

If you have questions on the use of the library or bibliographic research please contact:

Dr. Ulrike Mühlschlegel
Ibero-Amerikanisches Institut PK
Referat Benutzung
Potsdamer Str. 37
D- 10785 Berlin
Tel.: +49 30 266 45 2200
Fax: +49 30 266 35 1550

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