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Quesada, Vicente Gaspar (1830-1913) / Quesada, Ernesto (1858-1934)

The Quesada Papers include manuscripts, newspaper articles, notes, documents, poems, general correspondence, family correspondence and a large number of photographs. They are divided into three individual collections: the papers of the Argentine diplomat Vicente Gaspar Quesada (1830-1913), those of his son, the lawyer Ernesto Quesada (1858-1934), and those of his second wife, the German writer Leonore Niessen Deiters (1879-1939). In 1928 Ernesto Quesada bequeathed his private library of 80,000 volumes and a large manuscript collection to the Prussian state. This gift was the catalyst for founding the Ibero-American Institute (IAI) in 1930, and the books were integrated into the IAI's collections. A number of works and the entire manuscript collection were lost during the war. The current papers consist of the documents that Ernesto Quesada took with him to Switzerland in 1928 and that did not pass into the IAI's ownership until after his death. They include his father's unpublished manuscripts and book projects, as well as correspondence from the last years of his father's life (including the Spengler letters). R. Liehr worked on the papers in 1983 and G. Vollmer inventoried and described them in 1993.

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