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The Ibero-American Institute (IAI) awards ten to twelve scholarships per year for one- to two-month research stays in Berlin. The scholarships intend to support scholars in realizing innovative projects related to the IAI's line of research, to engage in interdisciplinary dialogue with IAI researchers and other visiting scholars, to use the rich holdings of the IAI's library and special collections for their research, to present and discuss the results of their work at our research colloquium, and to establish contact with colleagues in Germany. The selection process takes place once a year and is based on a thematic call for proposals by the Ibero-American Institute.

Information on the scholarship program of the Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation as well as on the additional places for refugee Ukrainian and persecuted Russian/Belarusian scientists and librarians can be found here.

Call for 2023

The application deadline for 2023 was Thursday, August 18, 2022.

For 2023, we will only consider projects dedicated to the analysis of cross-border cooperation and integration processes in Latin America and the Caribbean. This includes, for example:
Bilateral and multilateral political, economic, cultural and scientific cooperation between states and governments in the region.
Cross-border cooperation between cities, regions and municipalities.
Cooperation between non-state actors, for example, political and social movements, non-governmental organizations and associations.
Cross-border scientific and cultural cooperation between publishers, universities, research institutions, museums and similar institutions.
Historical or prehistoric networks and systems of strategic cooperation between political or ethnic entities.
The literary and philosophical study of Latin America and the Caribbean as an "imagined community."

We will not consider projects dealing with intra-state cooperation processes. Cooperation with partners outside Latin America and the Caribbean is also not included in this call.

The minimum requirement for an application is a first university degree and the beginning of a doctorate at the time of application. The amount of the scholarhip is 1,000 € per month for doctoral candidates, 1,300 € for those with a PhD or equivalent qualification, and 600 € for people who do not need a full scholarship due to their other income, as well as up to 800 € for travel expenses.

Applicants must submit all documents via email to the following address: <becas@iai.spk-berlin.de>. The application must include the following documents:

-    A completed application form;
-    A resume;
-    A publication list (if any publications exist);
-    Copies of university transcripts and diplomas conferring academic degrees;
-    Two letters of recommendation from university teachers, if possible with reference to the submitted project (applies only to Ph.D. candidates). You can submit the letters of recommendation with the other documents, but it is also possible that reviewers send them directly to the IAI.
-    A detailed description of the project according to the following framework:
1) Abstract (max. 2,000 characters);
2) Description of the subject as well as the main goal of the project;
3) Justification of the proposal with reference to the topic of the call;
4) Description of the state of the art, and the methodology of the research project;
5) Current status of the project;
6) Specific objectives of the stay at the IAI;
7) Bibliography.

The description may not exceed 12 pages (12 point font size, 1.5 spacing). You can submit applications and documents in German, English, Portuguese and Spanish. The size of an e-mail must not exceed 5 MB. We will not consider applications that do not meet these requirements.

We will take the decision on the award of scholarships for the year 2023 by the end of October approximately. We will inform the applicants about the results of the selection process by email.

Privacy policy for the processing of personal data in your scholarship application


Scientific Director
Dr. Peter Birle

Scholars 2022

Cardona, Elena (University of California, Riverside, USA): Rendir(se) al olvido. Intersecciones entre fotografía y poesía en la diáspora venezolana

Chmiel, Fira (Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina): Espigar los olvidos como un acto de memoria: avances para comprender la dimensión del olvido en las narrativas de infancia de quienes experimentaron el exilio político

Davalos Vazquez, Nahima Quetzali (Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana, Ciudad de México, México): Olvido y cambio social: experiencias de apropiación tecno-digitales de mujeres jovenes indigenas al sur de Mexico

González Roux, Maya (Universidad Nacional de La Plata, Conicet, Argentina): Memorias defectuosas, pérdidas y fisuras fecundas. El olvido como posibilidad de escritura en la literatura latinoamericana (1980-2020)

Hechler, Ryan Scott (Tulane University, New Orleans, USA): On the Precipice of Oblivion: Contextualizing the Research of Max Uhle in Ecuador (1919-1933)

Hoeveler, Rejane (Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Brasil): A política do esquecimento na política externa bolsonarista: o caso do negacionista do Holocausto Ernesto Araújo

Iamamoto, Sue (Universidade Federal de Bahia, Brasil): O esquecimento das violações de direitos humanos na representação contemporânea da ditadura militar brasileira

Kahan, Emmanuel Nicolás (Universidad Nacional de La Plata, Argentina): ¿Acaso vale la pena contarlo? Olvido, silencio y liminalidad: los procesos de arribo e integración al país de acogida en los testimonios de sobrevivientes del Holocausto en Argentina

Lopera-Arbeláez, Isabel Colombia (Universidad de Salamanca, España): Reincorporación comunitaria, entre el olvido, la reconciliación y el desarrollo territorial

Margarucci, Ivanna (CeDInci, Buenos Aires, Argentina / Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Ciudad de México, México): Entre el silencio y el olvido. Anarquismo, memorias en disputa y narrativas historiográficas en América Latina, siglos XX-XXI

MARQUES, Mirian dos Santos (Universidade do Estado da Bahia, Brasil): Best-Sellers esquecidos: revistas de emoção no espaço Ibero-Atlântico

Risco Neira, Ana María (Universidad Alberto Hurtado, Santiago, Chile): El olvido de la estampa en la era fotomecánica. Revistas latinoamericanas en los inicios de la prensa de masas (1880-1930)

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