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The Ibero-American Institute (IAI) awards ten to twelve scholarships each year to support a one- to two-month research stay in Berlin. The scholarships should give scholars the opportunity to further innovative projects related to the research focus of the IAI, participate in an interdisciplinary dialogue with the researchers of the institute and with other guest researchers making use of the IAI’s vast library holdings and special collections. Guest researchers should present and discuss the results of their research in a colloquium and establish contact with colleagues in Germany. The selection process is based on a call which the Ibero-American Institute realizes once a year.

For 2020, we are particularly interested in projects dealing with the topics of our Research Theme "Knowledge Production and Cultural Transfers: Latin America in a Trans-regional contexts".

The minimum requirement for an application is a first university degree and the beginning of a doctorate at the time of application. The amount of the scholarhip is 1,000 € per month for applicants holding a university degree, 1,300 € for those with a PhD or equivalent qualification, and 600 € for people who do not need a full scholarship due to their other income, as well as up to 800 € for travel expenses.

The deadline for the presentation of proposals for 2020 was 15 August 2019. The decision on the award of scholarships for the year 2020 will be taken by the end of October approximately. We will inform the applicants about the results of the selection process by email.

Applicants are requested to submit all the documents via email to the following address: becas@iai.spk-berlin.de
The application must include the following documents:

  • A completed application form;
  • A resumé;
  • a publication list (if any publications exist);
  • Copies of university transcripts and diplomas conferring academic degrees;
  • A detailed description of the project according to the following framework: 1) Description of the subject as well as the main goal of the project; 2) Justification of the proposal with reference to the topic of the call; 3) Description of the state of the art; 4) methodology of the research project; 5) Current status of the project; 6) Specific objectives of the stay at the IAI; 7) Bibliographic references. The description may not exceed 12 pages (12 point font size, 1.5 spacing).
  • Two letters of recommendation from university teachers, if possible with reference to the submitted project (applies only to Ph.D. candidates). The letters of recommendation can be submitted with the other documents, but it is also possible that they are sent by the reviewers directly to the IAI.

Applications that do not meet these requirements cannot be considered.

Applications and documents can be submitted in German, English, Portuguese and Spanish.

The deadline for the presentation of proposals for 2020 is 15 August 2019.

Applicants will be notified by e-mail by mid-November.


Scientific Director
Dr. Peter Birle

Scholars 2019

Lucía Di Salvo (Universidad de Valparaíso, Chile): Diálogos del exilio español en Latinoamérica en dos revistas culturales: Timón y Futuro

Eric Dyrdahl (Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador, Quito, Ecuador): Complex Trading Systems Between the Central Coast and Northern Highlands in the Ecuadorian Late Formative (800 – 400 cal BC)

Leonardo Escobar Barrios (Universidad Autónoma del Estado de Morelos, México): Aspectos de la circulación literaria en Roberto Bolaño: hacia una comprensión de sus trayectorias textuales

Amadeo Gandolfo (Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina): Lazos de familia: los vínculos estéticos y económicos trasnacionales entre la historieta argentina, chilena y mexicana (1945-1968)

Ewa Kobylecka-Piwonska (Universidad de Lodz, Polonia): Escritores migrantes argentinos en Europa: Laura Alcoba, Esther Andradi y Néstor Ponce

Juan Leal Ugalde (The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA): Modelos para fotografiar la historia de América Latina: Transferencias culturales y tecnológicas en la fotografía andina y mexicana de la primera mitad del siglo XX

Walther Maradiegue Montaño (Northwestern University, Evanston, USA): Regionales y globales: Intelectuales y los debates sobre raza y territorio en los Andes Peruanos (1900-1930)

Douglas Pompeu (Freie Universität Berlin, Alemania): Genealogie und Transitivität der Übersetzbarkeit: eine intellektuelle Biographie und das transatlantische Literaturprojekt von Curt Meyer-Clason

Laura Sesnich (Universidad Nacional de La Plata, Argentina): La editorial Losada y la difusión de un modelo de lengua transregional

Isidora Urrutia Steinert (University of Bristol, UK): An-other road: Materiality, mobilities and identity in Chile's Route 5

Dhan Sebastian Zunino Singh (Universidad Nacional de Quilmes / CONICET, Argentina): La circulación y recepción de infraestructuras de transporte urbano: el caso de los metros latinoamericanos durante el siglo XX

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