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Ibero-Amerikanisches Institut
Preussischer Kulturbesitz

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This page explains some of the basic functions on our website.

Icon Legend (Icons)

You will find the following icons on the right margin of every page:

FAQ - FAQ – This page provides answers to frequently asked questions.

Help – This is the page you are currently viewing. It offers diverse explanations and information on the functionality and use of our website.

Index – An alphabetic list of the pages on this website.

Site map – A hierarchical table of contents showing the most important sections of the website.

Print version – A scaled-down version of the current page, optimized for printing.

Fast search – This tool allows you to search the website for a specific term. If you are not satisfied with the results, you can narrow your search parameters in the Advanced Search.



Links marked by this arrow are usually arranged in lists and take you to additional pages on our website.

Symbol: Externer LinkThis symbol identifies a link leading to an external page that is not part of our website.

This symbol next to a link identifies a PDF document. Tip: If you want to download the document, right-click the link and select the “Save As” option in the context menu.

This small envelope symbolizes an e-mail address. Clicking this link opens youre-mail program so that you can write and send a message.

Please note:

Links to currently viewed pages are highlighted in a darker typeface and are deactivated in all navigation menus.

All links on our website open in the same browser window. We do not use pop-ups or force your computer to open new windows.


Alternative Display Options

Our content is scalable. If the display mode is greatly enlarged, multi-column layouts will inevitably require horizontal scrolling. We therefore offer a few alternative display options to meet all viewing requirements and habits. You can select these alternatives in yourbrowser. Modern browsers usually offer the option “Page Style” (or a similar feature) under “View” on the menu bar.

Unfortunately, older browsers do not offer this functionality. You can only make permanent settings, which can be found in Internet Explorer under Tools > Internet options > Accessibility.

The following versions are possible:

Standard – This is the standard display, our “house style.”

Linearized – Content is displayed as enlarged, linearizedtext. Only those graphics and images are shown that are important for understanding content.

Reversed out – This option is similar to “linearized” but features reversed-out colors (light font on a dark background).

No Style – This option completely eliminates formatting, leaving you with the structured document only. We especially recommend this option if you use your own format templates (user style sheets).



You will find the breadcrumb trail to the current page just above the page heading. It shows you the “click path” you have taken to the current page.


The index contains an alphabetic list of all the pages on this website. This list is especially helpful if you are well acquainted with the content of a page or know the exact title of the required document.


The site map provides an overview of all the pages on this website. Arranged hierarchically, it also shows you which pages you have already visited.We have created a shortcut key for the site map: ALT+1. In other words, if you hold down the ALT key and press “1,” the site map will automatically appear. (Please note: you may have to press ENTER after “1” on a few older browser models.)
We have not provided any additional shortcuts to avoid conflicts with the shortcuts provided by your software or computer.

Skip-to Links

At the top of every page there are links that allow you to skip to different sections of the document. These links are especially helpful in the non-graphic versions or if you use the keyboard to navigate (TAB key).At the bottom of every page you'll find a link (“top”) that takes you to beginning of the document.


You're probablyfamiliar with search functions from Google and other sites. Our search works in the same way. Please enter the search term in the entry field and click the symbol next to it or press ENTER. The function performs a full-text search of all pages on our website. If the hit list is too long, click the “Advanced Search” link and use the options there to narrow your search.


Printing Pages

Pages can be easily sent to your printer via File > Print. We have created a special printing format that eliminates all superfluous elements and prints only relevant content. You can preview the document using File > Print Preview. Any necessary additional settings can be made under this menu item.

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