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Photomontage of the IAI's reading room

Friends of the IAI

The image shows the stage of the Simón Bolívar Hall.

The association Freunde des Ibero-Amerikanischen Institutes e.V. (Friends of the Ibero-American Institute) was founded in April 2000 in order to support the work of the institute. The Freunde des IAI have enriched the institute's cultural offerings with a variety of events, including talks about cultural and political issues, films, lectures and homages. In addition to that, the association Freunde des IAI enabled the institute to purchase rare books and expand its library collections. It has also helped finance important publications and larger events. Thanks to the association’s ongoing funding, the IAI has been able to set up the first comprehensive collection of Latin American film in Germany (IAI film collection). The Freunde des IAI also created a blog (www.freunde-des-iai.org).

Become a member of the Friends of the IAI!

Annual membership dues are € 35, for students € 15. Please send an e-mail to
or call +49 30 266 45 1500 in order to receive membership documents.

You can click the following links to download the information about the association, the association's membership form or the statutes. (Documents are currently only available in German.)

For more information about upcoming events visit the blog of the Friends of the IAI.


Prof. Dr. Thomas Bremer (first chairman, Halle), Dr. Jeanette Erazo Heufelder (executive chairwoman, Potsdam), Thomas Hegenauer (treasurer, Berlin), Claudia Sierich Georgi (secretary, Berlin), Franco Delle Donne (Blog Administration, Veitshöchheim), Prof. Dr. Barbara Göbel (ex officio, Berlin), Prof. Dr. Susanne Klengel (Berlin), Prof. Dr. Gabriele Knauer (Berlin), Christoph G. Schmitt (Hamburg), Prof. Dr. Peter W. Schulze (Cologne), Peter B. Schumann (Berlin), Prof. Dr. Stephanie Schütze (Berlin)

Honorary Committee

Sergio Ramírez (president, Nicaragua), Dr. Ernesto Cardenal (Nicaragua), Prof. Dr. Germán Carrera Damas (Venezuela), Bernardo Carvalho (Brazil), Prof. Dr. Jean Franco (USA), Leonardo Padura (Cuba), Rosa Regàs (Spain), Prof. Dr. Sérgio Paulo Rouanet (Brazil), Dr. Miguel Rubio (Peru), Prof. Dr. Beatriz Sarlo (Argentina), Antonio Skármeta (Chile), Juan Villoro (Mexico)

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