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Science, Technology and Industrialization: Interactions between Europe and Latin America after the Independence Movements (1840–1940)
Abendvorträge im Rahmen eines Workshops des MPI für Wissenschaftsgeschichte


The following presentations are part of a workshop at the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science. They explore the dissemination of scientific and technological knowledge in Latin America and its application in engineering, industry, research and teaching. These are considered to be essential parts of globalization processes, which are comprised of adaptations, innovations and transformations of knowledge, technologies, production processes and social conditions.

Prof. Dr. Lucía Lewowicz (Universidad de la República, Uruguay):
Liebig, Giebert, Pettenkofer. Useful Knowledge as Sufficient Category for Globalization

The relationship between useful knowledge, science and industry in a transnational and global situation can be better studied if one were to investigate a case like the site of Liebig’s Extract of Meat Company at Fray Bentos, Uruguay. In 1862, the German techno-logical scientist G. Giebert used the recipe Extractum carnis (1847) from Justus Liebig, which so far had only been tasted at the apothecary- level, to build one of the world’s leading agro-industrial enterprises.

Dr. David Pretel (Colegio de México):
The Spanish Caribbean in the Knowledge Networks of the Atlantic World (c. 1833-1898)

An extensive and interconnected group of inventors, firms, intermediaries, capitalists, and users of technologies engaged in the global movement of patent rights across national boundaries. Innovation networks built around colonial patent institutions were one of many instruments through which ideas, objects, knowledge, practices and information were transferred to Cuba and Puerto Rico.

Weitere Informationen zum Workshop am MPI für Wissenschaftsgeschichte: Dr. Helge Wendt: hwendt@mpiwg-berlin.mpg.de

Museo de la Revolución Industrial, Fray Bentos.Foto: Daniel Villar

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