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Jakob Krusche, M.A.

Jakob Krusche, M.A.

Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter im Drittmittelprojekt EULAC Focus





1. Current Projects

Research Projects

Giving focus to the Cultural, Scientific and Social Dimension of EU - CELAC relations

The global context of the EU-CELAC partnership has evolved and there is a need to critically review the bi-regional cooperation to detect bright spots, successful initiatives and new emerging issues of importance in both regions. There is a need to connect cooperation in the cultural, scientific and social fields, improving cross-cutting interaction and visibility with an emphasis on distinctive initiatives for the direct benefit of civil society.ActivitiesTo analyse the role of social and political actors in promoting cultural and scientific exchange, and social collaboration at the EU-CELAC biregional and bilateral levels.Proposing a set of high impact actions and initiatives to strengthen the cooperation.Addressing beneficiaries in both regions through dissemination of the research results, open source publications and conferences, and building partnerships for upscaled pilot initiatives.More information: http://eulac-focus.net/about-eulac-focus/. EULAC FOCUS is a collaborative project funded by the European Commission under Grant Agreement No 693781. Coordination in the IAI: Barbara Göbel / Peter Birle. Duratión: 2016-2019


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