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The Ibero-American Institute (IAI) awards ten to twelve scholarships each year to support a one- to two-month research stay in Berlin. The scholarships should give scholars the opportunity to further innovative projects related to the research focus of the IAI, participate in an interdisciplinary dialogue with the researchers of the institute and with other guest researchers making use of the IAI’s vast library holdings and special collections. Guest researchers should present and discuss the results of their research in a colloquium and establish contact with colleagues in Germany. The selection process is based on a call which the Ibero-American Institute realizes once a year.

Topic of the call for proposals for 2019

For 2019, we will only accept applications that deal with the topic "Knowledge and Culture Transfer: Pathways and Infrastructures". More detailed information about the call for 2019 can be found here from March 2018.

Terms and conditions as well as application procedure

The amount of the scholarhip is 1,000 € per month for applicants holding a university degree, 1,300 € for those with a PhD or equivalent qualification, and 600 € for people who do not need a full scholarship due to their other income, as well as up to 800 € for travel expenses.

The deadline for the presentation of proposals for 2019 is 31 August 2018.

Applicants will be notified by e-mail by mid-November.


Scientific Director
Dr. Peter Birle

Scholars 2018

The following scientists have been granted a scholarship for 2018 (Information on the residence times of the scholarship holders in Berlin can be found in the Overview Guest Researchers 2018:

Becerra Rebolledo, Mauricio (Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona): Psicosis experimentales en América Latina 1940-1964

Biersack, Martin (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, München): Spanische Wissenspolitik und ausländische Wissenschaftler im bourbonischen Spanisch-Amerika

Castilho de Lacerda, Felipe (Universidade de São Paulo): Edition und Revolution: Maspero, Trikont Verlag und die Verbreitungsstrategien der lateinamerikanischen Linken in Europa

Halaburda, Carlos Gustavo (Northwestern University, Evanston): Melodrama and Desecration: liturgy, medecine and capitalism in argentine dramaturgy 1880-1916

Krupecka Iwona (University of Gdańsk): ¿Filosofía y universalidad? Las propuestas metodológicas desde América Latina para la filosofía mundial

Lois, Carla (Universidad Nacional de La Plata, Conicet): Confusing News: The Circulation of Political Information about Latin American Independence Revolutions and the Production of Geographical Books and Atlases in Europe (1800-1860)

Matsumoto, Mallory Emiko (Brown University, Providence): Sharing Script: The Transmission of Writing and Development of Scribal Practice in Classic Maya Civilization

Plá Pérez, Sebastián (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México): El poder de los expertos. Configuración histórica de la investigación educativa en América Latina (1950-1990)

Romero, Rosalía (Duke University, Durham): Transborder Anarchism: Visual Culture in Greater Mexico, 1892-1934

Szoblik, Katarzyna (University of Bielsko-Biala: Métodos de construcción y transmisión de saberes del pasado y huellas de transferencias culturales en los manuscritos de "Cantares mexicanos" y "Romances de los Señores de la Nueva Esp."

Vindas Solano, Sofía (Universidad de Costa Rica, San Pedro): Configuraciones estéticas, redes de reconocimiento y contextos culturales de las colecciones de arte moderno de Guatemala y Costa Rica, 1975-2017"

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