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The Ibero-American Institute (IAI) awards ten to twelve scholarships each year to support a one- to two-month research stay in Berlin. The scholarships should give scholars the opportunity to further innovative projects related to the research focus of the IAI, participate in an interdisciplinary dialogue with the researchers of the institute and with other guest researchers making use of the IAI’s vast library holdings and special collections. Guest researchers should present and discuss the results of their research in a colloquium and establish contact with colleagues in Germany. The selection process is based on a call which the Ibero-American Institute realizes once a year.

Topic of the call for proposals for 2018

For 2018, we only accept applications which deal with our research theme “Knowledge Production and Cultural Transfers: Latin America in Trans-regional Contexts”. We especially invite you to submit proposals that discuss theoretical, methodological, and conceptual aspects of this research theme.

What are the theoretical / methodological concepts that allow us to analyse processes of knowledge production and cultural transfers in a reasonable manner?

Which analytical dimensions should we address in this context?

We would like to point out that we do not only sponsor research projects which exclusively address theoretical questions. Moreover, we are interested in the theoretical, methodological, and conceptual basics or tools that could be used in treating anthropological, archaeological, cultural, historical, literary, political and social problems in an adequate manner. So you are welcome to apply for a grant if you work on a theme within the framework of “Knowledge Production and Cultural Transfers: Latin America in Trans-regional Contexts”. In the description of your proposal, you should emphasise on the presentation of the theoretical, methodological, and conceptual proceedings and explicitly address the questions mentioned above.

Terms and conditions as well as application procedure

The amount of the scholarhip is 1,000 € per month for applicants holding a university degree, 1,300 € for those with a PhD or equivalent qualification, and 600 € for people who do not need a full scholarship due to their other income, as well as up to 800 € for travel expenses.

Applicants are requested to submit all the documents via email to the following address: becas@iai.spk-berlin.de

The application must include the following documents:

  • Copies of university transcripts and diplomas conferring academic degrees;
  • A detailed description of the project according to the following framework: 1) Description of the subject as well as the main goal of the project; 2) Description of the state of the art; 3) Theoretical, methodological, and conceptual proceedings; 4) Current status of the project; 5) Specific objectives of the stay at the IAI; 6) Bibliography. The description may not exceed 12 pages (12 point font size, 1.5 spacing).
  • Two letters of recommendation from university teachers (applies only to graduate students and Ph.D. candidates).

Applications that do not meet these requirements unfortunately cannot be considered.

Applications and documents can be submitted in German, English, Portuguese and Spanish.

The deadline for the presentation of proposals for 2018 is 30 of September 2017.

Applicants will be notified by e-mail by mid-December.


Scientific Director
Dr. Peter Birle

Scholars 2017

All submissions for 2017 had to be focused on the topic "Migration, mobility and knowledge transfer in Latin America and the Caribbean". 124 applications from 21 countries and numerous disciplines were submitted. The following scientists have been granted a scholarship for 2016 (Information on the residence times of the scholarship holders in Berlin can be found in the overview Guest Researchers 2017:

Aranha, Patricia (Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Brasil): Natureza, expedições e imaginação geográfica na formação do campo da geografia no Brasil

Barja Cuyutupa, Ethel (Brown University, Providence, USA): Nexos culturales: figuraciones de la memoria, exilio y escritura latinoamericana en Alemania (1980-1990)

Cucchi, Laura (Universidad de Buenos Aires, Conicet, Argentina): La doctrina constitucional norteamericana en la organización de las repúblicas sudamericanas. Circulación de hombres, libros e ideas en Estados Unidos y América del Sur, 1860-1880

Gomide, Bruno Barretto (Universidade de São Paulo, Brasil): A emigração e a circulação da literatura russa na América Latina: uma comparação dos casos do Brasil e da Argentina (anos 1920 a 1960)

Hilb, Claudia (Universidad de Buenos Aires, Conicet, Argentina): El impacto de la experiencia del exilio sobre la renovación del pensamiento político en la Argentina pos-dictatorial: el descubrimiento del pensamiento anti-totalitario de Hannah Arendt y Claude Lefort

Křížová, Markéta (Univerzita Carlova, Praha, Tschechien): Proto-americanista entre el Viejo y el Nuevo Mundo: estudio de caso de Julius Nestler, arqueólogo alemán-bohemio en Bolivia

Lidola, Maria (FU Berlin): Wissenstransfer und Moralökonomien in medizinischen Süd-Süd-Kooperationen: Die kubanisch-brasilianische Kooperation im Mais Médicos para o Brasil-Programm

Pare, Gwendolene (Birkbeck College, University of London, GB): Neo-baroque transfer of “knowledges” on AIDS in Latin American literature: Sarduy, Perlongher and Lemebel in transregional, transhistorical and transhumant conversation

Peiró Vitoria, Andrea (Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, España): La transmisión del conocimiento constructivo en el área maya. Estudio comparativo entre los sistemas constructivos y las tipologías arquitectónicas de diferentes zonas estilísticas a lo largo del tiempo

Perrone, Nicolás Hernán (Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina): Cultura y redes politicas jesuitas en el Rio de la Plata despues de la Expulsión (1767-1836)

Serulnikov, Sergio Esteban (Universidad de San Andrés, Conicet, Buenos Aires, Argentina): La ilustración desde una perspectiva transnacional. La trayectoria y los libros de un alto magistrado colonial de finales del siglo XVIII

Silva Ibargüen, Gabriela (El Colegio de San Luis, San Lusi Potosí, México): Adaptación, transformación y representación de la Revolución Cubana en el campo cultu-ral de América Latina y Estados Unidos: El caso de la revista literaria interamericana El Corno Emplumado / The Plumed Horn (1962-1969)

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