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Social Inequalities and Global Interdependencies: Latin American Configurations (2.-4.12.2010)
Inaugural Conference of the Research Network on Interdependent Inequalities in Latin America desiguALdades.net

The conference will bring together an international set of scholars from diverse disciplines to explore the potentials and challenges of a new transregional paradigm for research on social inequalities. Since colonization, the economic, social, and political developments of Latin America have been shaped by entanglements with other world regions. However, for the field of social inequalities these transregional entanglements have not been systematically addressed yet. Today, it is particularly the junctures and disjunctures produced by the processes of globalization that make it necessary to tackle the issue from a transregional perspective and to analyze its socio-economic, socio-political and socio-ecological dimensions.

Panels of the conference:

I Social Inequalities Unbound? Developing a New Research Paradigm for Social Inequalities in an Entangled World

II Socio-Economic Inequalities in a Globalizing Context

III Power Asymmetries and Social Inequalities beyond the Nation State

IV Framing Socio-Ecological Inequalities in a Transregional Perspective

V Between Methodological Nationalism and Globalism: Understanding Inequalities from a (Trans)Regional Perspective

Speakers and Discussants include:

V. Acuña (Universidad de Costa Rica), F. Adloff (FAU Erlangen), M. Belausteguigoitia (UNAM), M. Boatca (FU Berlin), A. Cardoso (UERJ), S. Costa (FU Berlin), M. Coy (Universität Innsbruck), R. Guimarães (Fundação Getúlio Vargas, São Paulo), E. Jelin (IDES), R. Korzeniewicz (University of Maryland), S. Lessenich (Universität Jena), P. Lepenies (Universitet Uppsala), S. Mau (Universität Bremen), S. Randeria (Universität Zürich), C. Reboratti (Universidad de Buenos Aires), E. Reis (Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro), H. Sábato (Universidad de Buenos Aires), I. Scholz (DIE), D. Segebart (FU Berlin), G. Schuppert (WZB), A. Sojo (CEPAL), G. Therborn (University of Cambridge), H. Vessuri (IVIC), A. Cardoso (UERJ)

Sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research


Ibero-Amerikanisches Institut, Freie Universität Berlin

Date and Venue

02.12. - 04.12.10
Donnerstag, 2.12.2010, 14 - 18.30 Uhr/Freitag, 3.12.2010, 9.00 - 18.00 Uhr/Samstag, 4.12.2010, 9.00 - 15.00 Uhr
Freie Universität Berlin, Henry-Ford-Bau / Senatssaal, Garystraße 35, 14195 Berlin

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